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Journey Through The Bible
Collective Worship Plan 2021-22

Over the next year, we are encouraging our family of schools to journey through the Bible and the Church year together

This journey is part of our wider focus on a Year in the Diocese where we hope to

We have created a dedicated area of our website with resources to support to do this
Resources Here

The journey through the Bible will be in six sections enabling us to journey through God’s Story, Old and New Testament, over the school year on one day a week alongside additional resources for key times of the Church Year.

The six sections are:

  • Creation and covenant
  • Exodus and Promised Land
  • Judges and Kings
  • Exile and Prophets
  • Jesus and the Gospels
  • Acts and the Church

The resource is flexible to use either as a whole school collective worship or as a class  or bubble worship – please adapt the resource to fit with current DFE guidelines during Covid-19 restrictions

Click on the appropriate month image to reach that month’s resource; you will find a GatherEngageRespondSend structure for each week of the month

There will also be Notes for the Teacher and links to other resources to support you in your planning

Links are made most weeks to the Lion Storyteller Bible and the materials provide plenty of opportunities for church and school to work together

Some resources that we would recommend to support our theme of Journeying through the Bible this year:

The Lion Storyteller Bible

Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Bible

Infographics for Kids (volumes 1 and 2)

Resources for Journey through the Bible